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Can your customers find you on Google?

Does your website rank in Google for the keywords your customers are using? Visibility within search engines like Google is as important today as it was a decade ago. If your website doesn’t appear on the first few pages of search results, you’re missing out on a lot of business. Website SEO (search engine optimisation) has become an industry in itself. As marketing budgets are repositioned to compete in an ever-increasing online world, many marketing managers need to ask: are enough resources being devoted to SEO?

An RoI that outstrips many other channels

When done intelligently, SEO can deliver a return on investment that outstrips most other channels. Once your website’s content and structure is configured properly, you’re essentially getting traffic for free.

Short and long-term SEO objectives

Getting your website into a prominent search engine position is a short and long game and depending on your business goals, we can help you with both. We’ll start planning your website from the early stages to ensure that the site structure is set up effectively. This means it will be easy for the visitor to navigate, but the search engines will also get the information that they need to rank your site well.

Targeting the right keywords

Once the structure of your site is set up properly the keyword research and analysis can begin. This is where we research your market to ensure that we understand where your potential business may come from. Based on your keywords we will use a combination of SEO tools to manage your internet marketing campaign. Whether you want fast results or want to grow your business steadily, we can get your site found by the correct target audience. In-depth keyword research underpins any successful SEO campaign: We take the time to find the terms your would-be customers are using, then re-write or modify your content to capture those terms.

An amazing user experience

Once your visitors have reached your website through your chosen keywords, it’s important they have the best user experience possible. There’s no point getting all that valuable traffic if the site is difficult or unpleasant to use. That’s where effective design comes in. We’ll use design to guide the visitor through the website to connect what they want with your offer – delivering the best chances of a sign-up, enquiry or sale!

SEO for Essex

We’re an experienced SEO agency operating from Maldon, and serving towns and cities across Essex—including Colchester, Chelmsford, Basildon and Southend. We also work with clients in London and across the UK.

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