We ran a competition in January for entrants to win a logo design for their business. The aim was to find a business to help that needed a new design or an existing company who were looking for a fresh new look.

There were entries from over 20 businesses all looking for a quality logo design for their business. But there could be only one winner! The Logo design entry was picked out of a hat at our local BNI Witham business meeting.

The Winner as Sarah Kauter from Pilots for Hire.

The creative process

We met Pilots For Hire at the beginning of January to find out about their business. The Captain himself, Charlie Ryland was present to provide inputs about the proposition and what objectives they had for the business. We wanted to know what made them tick and what was so unique about their new business venture.

The business were looking to develop a service targeted as people looking to learn how to fly and aircraft. The target market would be mainly male but also female and be in a fortunate enough position to afford the training to become a pilot. The final result needed to be Bold, Serious, Modern, Professional and Upmarket.

We went away from our briefing meeting feeling inspired and eager to start the creative process. We looked at many different aspects that made up being a pilot from the flying wings to stripes worn by captains to propellers and all sorts of other iconic flight-related imagery. Our sketches and research showed two main themes: The imagery associated with pilots; and the pilots themselves.

Initially we created a few different designs in black and white only, to make sure they would stand as strong in a single colour as they would eventually look in colour. We were all settled on Black and Gold or Navy and Gold as being colours that would work very well for the design and the positioning. Each logo was presented to Pilots for Hire for review and below are the results.

Logo Design Concepts

Pilot logo design options

The Winning Logo Design

The chosen design was the middle option from the concepts above. Usually further development of the logo design would be required but the client was so happy with the result that it will stay exactly as presented – nice!


The chosen logo design will initially be rolled out across business stationery, marketing leaflets and a website. Watch this space at an airfield near you!

Feedback from a happy client

From start to finish, we have been impressed by Crisp Design. As the project is in its infancy, we had no idea where to start with the design and feel of the logo. A simple questionnaire and a initial meeting started the ball rolling and the work done thus far has be amazing. We would never have thought of the design we have chosen but it is entirely the correct way forward and we would not have been able to get anywhere near that without Crisp Design. We look forward to working with them moving forward.

Charlie Ryland, Pilots For Hire