Hiring a Graphic Design Agency or Web Design Agency could be an important step for your marketing and the future success of your business. Creative agencies can add the stimulus and creative ideas to inject life into your brand marketing and attract the right sort of customers. If you are looking for an Essex-based design agency to work with there will be a few things you will need to consider.

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Graphic Design Agency considerations

What’s your budget?

Sometime the hardest question to answer and a bit chicken and egg. The more you can think about what value the design process will bring to your business the easier it should be to agree a budget. Having an idea of your available budget can ensure you are working with the right design agency in the first place. It’s also important to agree from the outset what is included and what is chargeable so that are no nasty surprises!

Skill sets

Does the agency you are looking to work with have the skill sets to meet your challenge? If not, perhaps they will be outsourcing some of the core services that make up the project. Think about the key elements of your project such as Branding, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Website Design, Exhibition Graphics Design and support services such as copywriting, illustration and photography.

Proven track record

Have the agency worked with similar companies before. There are pros and cons to this. Working with an agency who is new to the industry could provide a fresh pair of eyes and a new angle that could help inspire your customers. However, it could save time if the agency have already worked within the industry sector before and have a proven track record of delivering against similar goals that you have.


When are your deliverables required by? Are the graphic design agency available to meet your timings and what happens if there are delays? What size client would you be to them? Sometimes working with companies of a right size is important. If you would make up a large percentage of their business this could be a higher risk. On the flip-side if your business is quite small for the agency then their keenness to get back to you on time may not be there. Will you get to communicate directly with the designer/developer or via an account manager?


Culture is something that is overlooked. Do you share the same working ethos and values? This can be make or break for a project and you don’t want to find out too late and waste a lot of time and effort working with the wrong company. Integrity is a value that is important to us. We expect it of ourselves and the suppliers we work with. If we say we are going to do it, we will and hopefully exceeding your expectations along the way.

Next Steps

So, the above considerations should help with your search for the right design agency. Crisp Design work with many companies across Essex, including areas such as Chelmsford, Colchester, Maldon, Witham, Braintree, Basildon and Southend.

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