If you are looking to have new website created it can be daunting for those without web knowledge. Crisp Design in Maldon believes that a bespoke WordPress design offers your website visitors the best user experience.

To get technical, this is known as navigation or the ‘front end’ of your website. Creating a site for you using WordPress means it will be simple for you to manage, too. It is a fantastic tool that has been around since 2003. Then it was a simple blogging platform. Now it offers a powerful content management system used by 27% of websites worldwide.

Bespoke design that works on any device

You can use a free WordPress template, or subscribe to one. You may be tempted to take this route but be aware that the “one-size-fits-all” approach seldom works for many businesses. You could also find that your rivals are using the same one.

Bespoke WordPress design – salon website

Benefits of a bespoke WordPress design

As experts we can save you time. We start with a blank canvas and build your WordPress site to fit your needs. If you used a DIY template and have limited web experience to tackle the ‘back end’ of a website alone, this could take you some time. So ask yourself how much your time is worth.

We find out your precise needs and put together a site that meets your requirements exactly. That includes great logo design and great back-end coding to ensure a seamless user experience. We can cherry pick clever plugins to enhance functionality and add new features. We provide you with a website that grows with you.

Other features mean:

  • It is easy to add new pages and manage the content your already have
  • A clean and easy-to-use styling palette that is similar to word-processing software
  • The ability to build in blogs so you can provide new content to improve your search engine rankings
  • And a dashboard you can customise

When it comes to the crunch, Crisp Design has it covered. Please call us on 01621 842348.