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Auto Enrolment brochure

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Auto enrolment is hotting up within the business world with more employers being affected by the pension Auto Enrolment scheme. We created this Auto Enrolment brochure for a client who want to show their knowledge within this market.

The 8 page brochure design clearly lays out the key facts about Auto Enrolment, Employer’s duties, How to communicate with employees and Scheme options available. The brochure has been used successfully for some months getting some very positive feedback from prospective clients about the ease of use in communicating a complex area to businesses.

Auto Enrolment brochure design

Here is a sneak view of what the brochure design looks like.

Auto Enrolment brochure design

Auto Enrolment brochure design

Clean, Crisp design was used to produce the above Auto Enrolment brochure. It helped to support the client’s challenge of communicating their service through demonstrating their knowledge and expertise.

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