We look at what makes up the identity of your business? When your logo is absent–will you be missed or will your brand be remembered as one that stands out from the competition.

Corporate Identity Design – London

We were recently asked to produce the design work for a corporate identity for a London based company specialising in IT services. Where other design companies had failed to provide inspiration, and °Crisp Design were able to identify what was required from the start, based on a clear understanding of the client’s business and goals.

The brief was to produce a design with a modern edge and that and reflected the complete service provided to their own clients. So, the focus was, capsule modern design, a complete end-to-end service and a strap line to help the positioning “Your Business”; putting a focus on the service the client receives, not what SL Complete can deliver.

Using a Strap Line

The strap line was important to underpin the company proposition and also reads well within the context of the logo. “SL Complete Your Business”. Using a strap line can really help maximise the position of your business and clearly differentiate you from the competition.

Logo Design development

So after identifying a range of 3 logo design routes, the strongest concept was chosen and developed further. The chosen identity was based around a cube shape – a cube being solid and complete in its shape and therefore representing their service. The colour choice and typography were both modern and progressive to pull the complete identity together. A final touch was a customisation of the letters C and O in the business name to illustrate the shape of infinity and demonstrate the lengths the client will go to for a successful conclusion.

Logo Design London

Not just a logo

The identity was not only the logo, but also how this was to be supported throughout the visual identity on stationery, printed brochures and online. The design was both adaptable and flexible allowing different transitions to be used whilst keeping a fix on consistent execution of the brand identity.

Identity background design london

Registering your brand mark

Once approved the mark was registered to protect the brand against passing off and to stamp their mark in a highly competitive market. It was produced in 2 colours (Black and Red) on a high quality Conqueror Diamond White material. The client was keen that the quality of their service was reflected in their choice of materials and keeping the colours to a minimum allowed this without compromising the brand or their budget.

Does your corporate identity cut it?

So for your own business the following should be considered:

  • Does your logo say what your business provides?
  • Do you need a strap line to help with positioning?
  • How will the identity of your company continue when your logo is not there?
  • Does your business stand out from its competition?

For help with design of your own corporate identity, contact us for a brand health check.