We recently launched a website for new company Head & Heart Leadership based in Maldon. If you are looking for Web Design Maldon then this example may give you an idea of the type of websites we design and build for our clients.

We design and build most websites using the fantastic WordPress platform. WordPress is used for over 20% of all websites. Is great because it’s easy to use, flexible for adapting to user’s needs and gives open access to a great source of plugins developed by the WordPress developer community.

Web Design Maldon

With every new website design project we start by getting an understanding of the client’s business. With businesses all being so different, no single client has the same requirement. The website could needed to bring in leads, provide company information, sell products, display a portfolio and so on. What ties them all together for us is the need for the image to be professional and engaging for their visitors.

Head and Heart Leadership – Web Design

The website brief for Head and Heart Leadership was to create something beautiful and clean in appearance that would match the tone created by the written content. To create a warm and inviting environment for visitors to connect with the company. We started off with brand design development. Being a new company there was a completely blank canvas. The logo design was a simply to make the connection between the two elements: head and heart. This was was the company based it’s proposition on and was key to making them stand for something different.

We chose a warm colour palette in the warm red and light grey that was very welcoming. This was highlighted by a modern and vibrant green to give us a set of brand assets we could work with to create a point of difference. We also created a supporting assets such as the strap line and a Head and Heart icon set which could be used to describe the company values. It was important to get across the unique positioning of the company from the outset.

The navigation was set in a slightly lower position than you might normally expect on a web page. The reason behind this was to engage the visitor with the company proposition before they got distracted by moving onto any further pages.

Website Design Maldon

We started each page when an introductory paragraph which would set the tone for what that page was about. We used bullet points and styled testimonials and just the right amount of copy per page to keep the content punchy yet informative. Each page was designed first before even touching WordPress so the client could completely visualise how the site branding would look anf feel.

Other page designs:

Here are further page designs for Head & Heart and Web Design Maldon – all in keeping with the homepage design.

To view the complete website click here: Head & Heart Leadership

Web Design Maldon

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