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Unique Logo Design

Unique logo design through type treatments

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Businesses are always looking for a unique identity. Something unique that sets them apart from other businesses. When looking for a unique logo design this can sometimes be done through crafted typography alone.

The following examples are look at the same wording for ‘Unique Logo‘ and all using exactly the same font. However, we have made them look different through different type treatments. These principles are applied to typography when looking at logo design. The type style used can be altered to make the logo look unique.

Rounded corners

This logo has been given a softer feel by rounding off some of the corners. This can suggest a more personable feel to a logo.

Logo Design


A ‘Q’unique logo design

Finding a letter withing the word to feature a design can be a way to make the logo design unique.



Go faster stripes

Stripes can resemble speed, progression, movement, energy etc. A simple way to introduce a unique look.

logo design typography


A roundel logo

A good way to create solid logo shape. Useful for rosettes and similar sort of badges.

logo design typestyle


Sharper ends

Both words share the same style which locks them together. The sharper ends of the two words create unity between them.

unique logo design


Stencil effect

Most of the lower case letters have vertical lines allowing a simple way to break each shape to provide a unique logo style.

Logo Designer


Can you think of any simple methods that can be applied to the above wording to make it look unique?

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