Are you are looking for a creative partner for a ‘Website Designer Chelmsford‘? If you are looking for a unique and creative design then we can help. We don’t use templates, we don’t reuse design elements. We target the exact people you are looking to attract to your website and help you convert them to make an enquiry or a purchase.

Creative website designer Chelmsford

Our process always starts out by understanding your business. This initial meeting is key to setting the website design off in the right direction. We listen to what makes your service or product different to what other businesses provide. Our creative process then kicks off with looking at how we can structure information to get across your message. This includes the navigation menu, how the content is broken up, what elements need to appear on each page and the balance between visual and written content.

We create simple sketches of how the basic page elements would fit together and if necessary, present these to you for approval. Before we start with any coding, we start with the design. Typically a website design will involve different layouts for different types of page content. For example, you may need a design for the home landing page, a services page, a case study page and a contact page. Then, if you are planning to create blog posts within your site, the section of this part of the site will need a different layout structure as well. We create a flat design layout for each of these pages so that you can approve the design before we start coding. If you are looking for a creative ‘website designer Chelmsford’ then we believe this is a good place to start.

Website Designer Chelmsford

WordPress is key to your marketing strategy

We love using WordPress to power websites. It’s not just a tool, it can play a key part in your marketing strategy. For example, we used WordPress to create a mini-site for a client recently. There were only 3 pages but the design looked exactly like their main site. We optimised the landing page plus an additional 2 pages for their target keyword. The beauty of the mini site was that the menu had links back to the main site giving the new additional pages the feel of an entire website.

The result – The website appeared on the first page of Google’s local search results in a week!

If you run a local business based in Chelmsford, we can use targeted local search terms to focus on your local customers. If your website appears on the first page of search engines and the design of your website is also targeted you should see your enquiries rise very soon.