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Website SEO & Internet Marketing

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Website SEOLet’s be honest,

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people Google everything these days. If your website doesn’t appear on the first few pages of search results then there is potential business that you are missing out on. Website SEO has become a business in itself. As marketing budgets are repositioned to compete in an ever-increasing online world, is your money being well spent?

Getting your website into a prominent search engine position is a short and long game and depending on your business goals we can help you with both. We’ll start planning your website from the early stages to ensure that the site structure is set up effectively. This means it will be easy for the visitor to navigate, but the search engines will also get the information that they need to rank your site well.

Targeting the right keywords

Once the structure of your site is set up properly the keyword research and analysis can begin. This is where we research your market to ensure that we understand where your potential business may come from. Based on your keywords we will use a combination of SEO tools to manage your internet marketing campaign. Whether you want instant results or want to grow your business steadily we can get your site found by the correct target audience.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you’re visitors have reached your website based on your chosen keywords, it’s important they have the best user experience possible. That’s where effective design comes in. We’ll use design to guide the visitor through the website to connect what they want with what you have to offer – resulting in a sale!

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