User-experience is an often-neglected aspect of web development for Essex and wider UK companies. Read our crash course to see how your website measures up.

A clean, crisp, beautifully designed website is essential for a business to succeed online. After all, the quality of your website reflects the quality of your products and services.

But unless your website is designed in a user-friendly way, unless it has powerful calls-to-action (CTAs) and enticing unique selling propositions (USPs) – among many other factors – it will be less likely to deliver engagements, sign-ups, and sales.

Such factors are fundamental to the web development work we do for Essex and wider UK companies.

Here, we offer a quick crash course in user experience.

Does your website have clarity?

Your homepage only has a few seconds to gain a user’s interest. Does it explicitly say what your company does and who it is for? Does it state this in a copy that is “above the fold” (visible without having to scroll down)?

Are there relevant images, or a company introduction video?

Is the next step clear – whether that is to learn more about your service, find products, or make contact?

Is the copy written in jargon-free, clear English?

Does it have a search function with auto-suggest?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, get in touch with Crisp Design today.

Does your website have credibility?

Creditable factors are often missing from homepages. Here are some critical questions.

If applicable, does your website have seals or awards from relevant authorities?

Does it have reviews from previous customers?

Does it feature any metrics that show how useful or popular your services/products are? For example, “Company x saw revenue increase 34% after their new website went live”.

Do you have case studies, client logos, or verifiable testimonials/quotes?

Is your phone number and email displayed on the homepage? Are there FAQs?

Some of these factors are relatively straightforward to add. Do you have them on your site?

Does your website motivate potential customers?

You need to set your service or product apart from the competition. One of the key ways to do this is by adding a unique selling proposition, or USP.

A good example might be: “The most experienced WordPress developer in Essex”.

It’s good to have two or more USPs, if possible.

Do you have powerful CTAs?

These are broken into simple ones, such as ‘Learn more’, and higher-level ones, such as “Get in touch with Crisp Design today to realise your web design project”.

Give your CTAs a sense of urgency and make them persuasive.

It’s also good to tap into a user’s emotions, or focus on how you will deliver a desired outcome for them.

What other motivational factors could you add?

Think about harnessing enticing motivational factors like free trials, money-back guarantees, reviews, community support, value for money lines, and no-quibble returns.

And again, try to tap into emotional values. For example: “Web development projects can be stressful – but not with Crisp Design’s friendly, professional service.”

Service and product pages

Some or all of these questions should be asked about your key landing and service pages too, as well as product pages and the contact page.

UX is at the heart of our Essex web development services

Here at Crisp Design we understand the importance of user experience in web development. Essex and UK-wide clients come to us because we know how to create a website that ticks these boxes, and optimises the chance of achieving the goals of the website – whether that’s grabbing a user’s email, getting them to make a call, or simply encouraging them to buy a product.

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