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Logo Design Maldon

Logo Design Maldon

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We love being able to help businesses grow with the right logo design. If you are a local business and looking for ‘Logo Design Maldon’ we think we’ve got the edge to help you stand out. Something, clean, crisp, iconic and simple enough to be adaptable to all the different places a logo design might be required to help signpost your business.

Logo Design Maldon – Examples

We’ve helped a couple of local businesses recently, both with quite different propositions and in different industries. However, the approach is always the same – to get under the skin of what makes their business tick. We start by listening to what makes the business different. In a world where lots of people provide a similar service, it’s important to stand for something different to your opposition. It could be a particular product that you provide that is unique or it could be the process. It could also be a combination of these elements that delivers a different and better solution.

Accountant Logo Design

accountant logo design maldon

For Neil Smith Accountancy, their offering was positioned around becoming a partner with their clients and working with them on their business strategy. The concept behind their logo design was to convey the idea of ‘bridging the gap’. The difference between where the business stands now and where it wants to be in future. The colours were already established by existing branding and we agreed that these worked well to reflect their personality and approach to business. The type style chosen was a classic style to reflect a conservative look and feel.

Training Logo Design

training logo design maldon

Seahorse Education are a local training consultancy working with schools and teachers within the area. They were looking for Logo Design Maldon to help establish their business in a professional and creative way. The clean, simple and creative work shown on our website fit well with their values. They already had a logo but improvements needed to be made to carry the business forward. It was important to the client that the design was supportive, inclusive and caring without being cartoonish or childish. The colours and type style blended well to present a modern forward-thinking business and to reflect their values.

With every logo brief we agree a set of desired targets for the look and feel so that when the designs are presented we have some objective guides to come back to.

If you looking for a professional and creative Logo Design Maldon please call now for an initial no obligation meeting.


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