Those seeking web development services in Essex and beyond may wonder how artificial intelligence is impacting the industry. Here we look at some of the pros and cons.

Few industries have been unaffected by artificial intelligence – and web development is no different.

AI presents huge opportunities, but we’re a long way off from simply entering “build me a business website” into ChatGPT and expecting amazing results.


An effective coding ‘wingman’

AI-powered tools can support developers by automating repetitive tasks such as generating code snippets – potentially making some aspects of web development more efficient, and leaving them more time to work on other aspects of the website in question.

Data-driven recommendations

AI algorithms can also offer data-driven recommendations for improving website layout/design, with a view to improving performance and user experience.


AI makes mistakes

If you’ve used ChatGPT or other AI tools yourself, you’ll know that they don’t always return accurate information. The same is true when it comes to coding; the data can look right, but in reality is not. This makes quality checks doubly important.

AI lacks the innovation of human programmers

AI tools work within existing code patterns. Because of this, they are far less effective at generating innovative or creative solutions to web development challenges. An experienced human web developer, on the other hand, will have the intuition, flexibility, and creativity required to complete tasks that AI cannot.

AI struggles with bug fixes

AI often struggles to effectively address bugs – especially complex ones. Conversely, a human programmer has the experience, knowledge and critical thinking skills to find the root cause and fix it. What’s more, because AI focuses on technical factors, it may not be able to handle bugs related to user experience (which has never been more critical to a website’s success).

AI lacks critical ‘soft skills’

AI doesn’t like ambiguity – it needs to be told exactly what to do. Compare this to humans. A real-world client may not know exactly what they need (or what is possible within the parameters of budget, time and technology). AI cannot guide a client in this way – but a human web developer can.

As with so many industries, these soft skills are critical for ensuring a client gets the website they need (and for keeping expectations realistic).

Additionally, the human touch of an experienced developer is reassuring when you’re making a significant investment that needs to deliver tangible results.

Security, privacy and intellectual property issues

Data entered into AI tools may be added to its training data, which could have security implications. For example, if your company’s API token is entered into AI, it may be stored and returned as an example to other developers – creating a very real security risk.

These intellectual property protection issues are myriad when AI is used in web development.

In particular, those who work in healthcare, finance or legal sectors will understand the importance of adhering to privacy regulations, and how AI could present a serious risk.

AI and the future of web development Essex

Undeniably, AI will play a big role in web development. As AI evolves, it will prove to be a powerful collaborative tool for human programmers, enabling them to improve efficiency, and spend more time and resources on delivering websites that provide a first class user experience in support of the client’s goals.

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