Every now and then I’ll get a document through to work with and the quality maybe okay for viewing on-screen but if it’s needed for print, the quality output needs to be better. A recent example was a client who sent through a copy of a signature to use for a printed brochure. Here image retouching helped get the job out on time.

If it’s the only copy of the image that exists you may not be able to use it or if it’s a logo, have to recreate it. If this sounds familiar, then read on, as this quick tutorial may save your bacon!

So let’s get started:

Note: To follow this tutorial you need at least a basic version of Photoshop (or equivalent). If you don’t have Photoshop there are online versions available here.

Here is an example of a company logo which is too small to use for print:

Image retouching Essex

Step 1:

Enlarge the image to the size you want to use in Photoshop. Make sure the physical pixel size of the image is increased and check the image resolution isn’t being reduced as the size goes up.
For print your target should be 300ppi (pixels per inch).

Image retouching essex

You will now see that the edges of the image have become pixellated and blurred.

Step 2:

Open up a blur filter tool. You will need to blur the image enough that you can no longer see the jagged edges. Not too far though as you will lose some of the original detail. Click (OK)

Image retouching colchester

Step 3:

Now open up the Levels filter tool. Drag the light slider and dark slider towards the middle slider. This will sharpen your blurred image. The closer you move the sliders together the sharper the image will become. Don’t move it too far or it will start to pixellate again.

You may find some lines within the image have become thinner or thicker that the original. To control the thickness of your output move the 3 sliders left or right.

improving image quality

Moving the 3 sliders left will thin the lines – moving them right makes them thicker

Step 4:

Once you are happy with the result close the Levels tool by clicking (OK).

Image retouching chelmsford

Image retouching complete!

That’s it, your image should better looking better and much more usable. If you have an image which is past the point of repair, please contact us for help or to recreate it.