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Graphic Designer Essex

Graphic Designer Essex

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Crisp Design is a known Graphic Designer Essex based near Chelmsford in Essex. Haha can you see what we did there? We included the keyword Graphic Designer Essex in our first paragraph in a hope that you will find us in search engines. Assuming you are looking for a talented design company to help you with your marketing communications, then read on.

Design Hierarchy

Now we’ve got your interest, we wanted to talk a little about using hierarchy in Graphic design to effectively communicate your marketing message. So, what do we mean by design hierarchy? It’s a term used to describe how positioning elements on a page with the right weighting and in the right order can help readability.

This theory applies to all kinds of graphic design for print or online. You can influence the order in which viewer reads the information by using colour, strength, size and positioning.

Using colours to shape the flow

So for example, say everything on the page was in a single colour. You would need to influence what order the design is read by using different weights and sizes. You can also positioning to direct the reader through the page. As soon as you introduce more colours into the design, then colour itself plays a very important part in influencing the reader. For example there are some colours that stand out more than others. Warm colours pronounce and cold colour recess. So when using colours that are of a similar strength or hue you can use warmer colours to make elements stand out more. Of course, a deeper or stronger colour will also attract more attention than a lighter colour. The overall impression when all of these elements are balanced correctly will achieve the correct design flow.

Here is a basic example of using size, colour and position to help with design hierarchy in graphic design. The numbers show the order of flow shaped by using colour, strength and position.

Graphic Designer Essex

Graphic Designer Essex

We hope you found the above interesting and it gave a little insight into our graphic design world. We applies these skills on a daily basis, no matter what the design brief. Although not strictly about the subject of Graphic Designer Essex, it’s sort of related to what we do as graphic designers.

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