Yes that’s right… green! No we’re not changing our corporate colours but referring to our approach to becoming a socially responsible company.

As of last week we now have some super-shiny solar panels fixed to our roof. This means that not only are we looking after the environment we live, work and play in – but are thinking ahead to the future.

Greener by design

We are hoping that this will have a significant impact on lowering our carbon footprint and joins a number of other initiatives, such as sourcing locally and using technology to communicate more effectively with clients, colleagues and suppliers further afield. As a Graphic Design and Web design company, we don’t just care about how we look and our clients look to the outside world, but it’s how we go about it too.

Web Design Carbon Neutral

We’ve not quite been awarded a shiny sticker which says we are Carbon Neutral just yet, but we are hoping to have something in place that reflects our values for a sustainable future sometime soon.

Thanks to Complete Solar limited for supply and fit of our new Solar PV head-dress. They provide a really efficient service and are trustworthy and reliable at what they do. If you’re thinking about solar energy in Essex, Chelmsford, Colchester and surrounding areas, why not give them a call?

Think Green

What are you doing to think green? Have you got any other ideas you can share?

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