Today we have launched our new website design which we are really pleased with. It draws thoughts back to previous websites we have had since our company started in 2005. So we thought we’d share them!

Our website has grown as the business has grown. From the early days when we had a Flash website (boing!). Through increase of screen sizes and as we wanted to use our website as more of a business tool. We have updated the design and build of our website every 18 months to 2 years to keep up with changes in technology.

So we take you through a visual tour of Crisp Design since 2005.

2005 website design

Yes it was a Flash website (of course!)

Yes we had a Flash website because we loved having things boing around the screen – it just made sense back then!

Website Design home - 2005

Website Design content - 2005

2007 website design

Things started to °cool down a bit

We introduced a stronger blue palette which still represented the brand but in a more confident way. We also built a wider range of pages to show the breadth of service.

Website Design content - 2007

Website Design content - 2007

2009 website design

More business-like maybe?

We wanted a platform that would allow us to talk more about the service provided. We also showed more examples of each type of project.

Website Design 2009 home

Website Design 2009 content

2011 website design

WordPress CMS and SEO!

We finally got round to building our site on a CMS system – WordPress of course. This made it easier for us to update and create fresh content. It also gave us a great tool for optimising our site for search engines.

Website Design 2011 home

Website Design 2011 content

Today’s website design

Clean, Crisp Graphic Design and Web Design

So here we are today, and you can see for yourself how things have evolved since the start. But this was our biggest change yet. A site that reflected the maturity of the company, the scope of our service and our capabilities. We have also introduced our new strap line, “Clean, Crisp Graphic Design and Web Design’ which better reflects our positioning.

Website Design 2012 home

Website Design 2012 content

Wow – those 7 years flew by! We are sure our new design will set us up for our next stage of growth and look forward to website design changes of the future…

And of course our Mobile website will be launched very soon!