Corkish Construction were looking for a professional brand image to match their approach to construction. Crisp Design were employed to provide branding design and artwork for their new company.

The branding design brief

Corkish Construction are a Principle Construction Company, ampoule specialising in industrial, commercial new build and design and bespoke residential projects. The brief was to provide an identity with a strong and iconic image that would become a recognisable brand within their industry. Green was also a requirement to match their environmental considerations – and they wanted a bright green. Now anyone who has ever wanted a bright green for their brand should know that green is a difficult colour to reproduce consistently across various printed materials.

Consistent brand colours

Once the logo design was agreed we showed how colour could be used consistently across all applications. These were RGB colours for the website, rx CMYK colours for full colour digital print and Pantone colours for their stationery. We even talked to the sign writers to check that the vinyl materials they had available would be a good colour match. The colour chosen from the Pantone guide on uncoated paper was very different to the equivalent colour on coated paper. So we specified a different colour on uncoated and coated papers. It makes it more of a challenge for the client to manage his colours across different suppliers but the accuracy will be much better.

Our solution

We created an iconic logo design that exploited the C of both Corkish and Construction. This was one of 4 design routes presented and our favourite design too. It was so simple but the most effective – which is always a good recipe for a successful logo design.

Here were the results:

Logo design

The icon was matched with a modern typeface that complimented the symmetrical design with it well formed letter shapes. The equal balance was created all the way across the logo and spacing visually completed the solid design.

branding design

Stationery Design

We picked a quality weight smooth feel uncoated paper which could be matched for both the letterhead and business cards. The double-sided design gave a high quality professional feel and something more distinctive than most construction company stationery. We also created note pads and compliment slips to get the most out of the printed sheet.

stationery branding design

Long Wheel Base Van Design

The van design was an important part of the Corkish Construction external branding design. We considered a full wrap, and part wrap and spot branded solutions. The below spot branding was chosen and executed using vinyl lettering from the artwork provided. This ensured we continued a consistent image through the use of colours, typography and layout.

vehicle branding

Site Board Design

Similar to the van design, the site boards were going to be created using a vinyl application. This keep the brand colours consistent and durable for prolonged periods of use. Again, representing a quality image.

Branded site board

The website design is the next part of the project to be brought into line with a quality and consistent branding design.