If you want to stand out in your industry or marketplace there is no better place to start than with a bespoke logo design. At °Crisp Design we tackle every brief with the same energy and passion. No matter what your business or challenge we will listen to what makes your business or service different. Using this information will help really target the design to appeal to your intended audience.

A Crisp (re)design

For example, when we started out looking at a rebrand for Crisp Design back in 2012 – we wanted a fresh new look for the business. A design that would appeal to businesses large and small, who appreciate clean design that communicates a vision. The logo design needed to reflect the crisp edge brought to every design brief, yet be approachable to reflect the way we work. For bespoke logo design, a lot can be said for finding just the right type style to set the right tone. We searched and searched for the right font but it didn’t exist. So when we found a type style that was almost there we set about reshaping it to match the needs of our brief.

The font we started out with was Rubrik, a soft, rounded font with a helpful outlook. However, it didn’t have the sharp edge that we wanted, so after some chiseling and reshaping the logo development below was the result:

bespoke logo design

A Redefined logo font which met the brief

Here is how the final result looks, which you will recognise from our website today – A soft font, yet with a sharp edge which complemented by a cool blue was the perfect answer to our brief:

bespoke logo designer

Bespoke Logo Design examples

We apply this technique to many logo design challenges for our clients. Here are some bespoke logo designs which take standard typography and make it unique and memorable.

bespoke logo design examples

Silicon Alley: The N was softened at the edge to mirror the Y and the A was adapted to contain a mouse cursor.

Strategise: The E was customised to convey different levels of investment strategy available via the service.

SL Complete: The L was angled to fit with the lozenge and the C and O were combined to look like an infinity symbol.

Antigua Fam 365: The G and U were combined to make the logo more fluid and better connected.