Getting the right accountant website design for your business is very important. There are thousands of Accountant companies trading and there will be many in your own area. So, standing out from your competitors is a big priority. Apart from referrals, it’s likely that your website will be one of the main ways to attract new business. There are plenty of template based solutions out there for Accountants but they are likely to be very generic and pump out the same information as the next.

So what makes your business different?

The first step to marking your territory with a distinctive accountant website design is to think about what makes you different. For Pro Tax Accounting it was that they offer a service that helps their clients move their business forward. The ‘Pro’ part stands for proactive. It’s about informing their clients of issues that may affect their industry and business before they actually arise. Not just filing accounts and tax returns.

Their website was structured into two main areas: Helping you RUN your business and; Helping you GROW your business. From here the website visitor could be guided to a relevant part of the website from the moment they arrive. For each section of the website there are different tools relevant to each type of visitor, highlighting the areas that the accounting firm can help with.

Accountant website design – Responsive Websites

One of the important issues for any business, whether looking at an accountant website design or any other industry is that it can be viewed easily on any device. Mobile devices are predicted to be used as much as desktop devices by the end of 2014 so making sure your website is ‘mobile-ready’ is very important. The below images show how we designed the website using responsive website design to ensure the best possible user experience no matter what the device.

Click the link to find out more about responsive website design.

accountant website design

Click the link to visit the website for Pro Tax Accounting.

If you run an accountancy practice and are looking for a professional accountant website design to set you apart from the rest, contact us to discuss how we can help.