Are you looking for Accountant branding for your business? We would like to present a some recent design work we supplied to a local Accountancy who were looking for a rebrand.

Accountant Branding for Pro Tax Accountants

Pro-Tax Accounting have been established since 2005 and were looking for a new look to represent their business. Their unique proposition was that they offer a proactive service to clients. They take a typical service further by getting to know their client’s business so they really can add value. Pro-Tax is about being Proactive and Professional. Both aspects which were reflected in their company name ‘Pro’ Tax.

We met with the company director to find out what objectives they were looking to achieve through the new design. They were looking step up their image profile with more professional branding and compete with larger firms in the area. Pro Tax were also looking for a design that would work well on both a white and coloured background.

We wanted to create a design which showed movement, progression and looked modern. As with all logo design briefs we started by creating some different concepts in black and white. This can be difficult for clients sometimes to visualise a company logo if it’s not in colour. However, it really helps to choose on a concept which is strong and adaptable. The client was up for this approach so we presented 4 different designs in single colour only. The client fell in love with the same design that we preferred which is always a relief!

Once we agreed on a route for development, we took the design to the next stage and applied some colour. Part of the brief was also to show how the logo would work with a new strap line. The existing strap line the client liked and was already using in everyday conversations was “starting where other accountants finish’. The idea that really pushed forward that Pro-Tax are proactive in their service and go the extra mile for their clients. We added to this with a sign off line that would be used when necessary to underpin the company name. Pro stands for ‘Proactive’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Progressive’, communicating further that Pro-Tax takes their service even further.

Our answer to the brief:

The chosen design utilised a chevron pointing to the right to show the values that Pro-Tax stand for. A modern sans serif font and up-to-date colour palette finished the design. The last steps were to get the balance right between the logo, the main strap line and how and when the supporting sign off line would appear.

accountant branding

Accountant Logo Design

The above designs show latest Accountant Branding for Pro Tax Accounting.

Accountant Branding and Stationery

Once the logo design was signed off we developed a professional set of stationery. We worked with the client to specify a quality material that would deliver a consistent image. Our print management service complemented the design to finish the process and deliver an end result that the client was very happy with.

The below photography shows how the finished Accountant branding looked:

accountant stationery design

Accountant Website

Information about how the accountant branding carried through to the website can be found here: Accountant website.

If you run an accountancy practice and are looking for professional Accountant branding to set you apart from the rest, contact us to discuss how we can help.