From realistic virtual reality stores to augmented reality product visualisers, AI will drive the online experiences of the future – and will transform the traditional website.

Artificial intelligence is here – as you’re doubtless aware from the ongoing coverage in news and media.

And as with so many industries, AI is making its presence felt in the world of web design, too.

Here at Crisp Design we are looking to embrace the benefits of AI, to help us design better, more useful websites for our clients in Essex and beyond – websites that engage the user and drive sales for our clients.

AI & Web Design: The Story So Far

One of the biggest – and most useful – advances has been AI-assisted coding. This doesn’t replace the coder – it simply acts as a coding wing-man, streamlining the process. AI can provide intelligent suggestions and automate repetitive tasks. But it’s not always right, which is why a human is always needed to oversee the process.

There are also now many AI plugins for WordPress – a platform in which we at Crisp Design harness for many of our UK and Essex web development projects.

AI is also able to deliver things like personal content recommendations (thanks to its ability to analyse vast amounts of data); intelligent chat bots (so intelligent, people are often unaware they’re not communicating with a real person); and increased speed and performance (optimising resource usage).

Artificial intelligence can also be harnessed to build better caching mechanisms (automating responsive layouts and cross-browser compatibility); detect malicious and fraudulent activity; and last but not least, improve SEO, with AI-powered tools that can optimise processes for keyword research, content, meta tags, structure and more.

But What About the Future?

That may all sound rather dry – but fear not, the future of AI and web development is far more thrilling.

1.   Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting developments in the digital world, but until now we’ve only scratched the surface of what it can offer.

At present, the Oculus Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 3 are leading the way. If you’ve you’ve tried these technologies you’ll doubtless be impressed – but future improvements when blended with AI are sure to make the experience incalculably better.

Looking ahead, AI-driven VR will transform the world or web design with 3D interactivity – as opposed to the passive 2D spaces we have now. VR will integrate with web browsers to deliver powerful immersive content.

Imagine visiting your favourite store and interacting with a life-like AI-powered virtual assistant, before browsing items as if you were actually in the store – instead of sitting on your sofa. Web designers will be able to harness AI-supported VR to create user-focussed experiences that boost conversions.

2.   Augmented Reality

Virtual reality’s sibling, augmented reality (AR), is also a game changer – and in terms of boosting online sales, could well be more useful.

AR overlays visual and auditory information onto the real world. For example, TikTok and Snapchat use AR to overlay everything from beauty filters to dragon’s faces onto users’ heads.

It can also be used to boost old-fashioned online sales. Recently, a cosmetics firm used AR to overlay beauty products onto potential customers’ faces. The result? Increased customer engagement and sales.

Again, as AI-integrates with augmented reality, it will deliver ever-more immersive experiences for customers, as it quickly learns what the user is likely to want, while delivering realistic interactions.

3.   Ai-Driven Visual and Voice Searches

And while voice search is already here, AI will make it more conversational and natural, enabling people to interact with applications and technology as if they were talking to a real-life human. AI voice assistants will be able to comprehend search intent, complicated requests and general context, making everything from finding information to buying products much quicker and easier.

In terms of visual searches, right now Google Lens allows people to take a picture of a real-world product and find matches online. Visual AI searches are likely to improve hugely in the coming years.

Web Development for Essex and UK-wide Companies

It will still take some time before these advances become commonplace for the average consumer, but it will certainly keep the web designer of the future very busy.

Back to the present – and here at Crisp Design we’re focussed on delivering stunning, search-friendly website development projects for our Essex and UK clients that offer a seamless user experience for the users of today, with the ultimate goal of boosting engagement, sign-ups and sales.

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